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Pokemon Yellow.

There was a time in grade 2 where i had my pikachu in Pokemon Yellow, leveled up all the way to level 86. That was the first time I had ever worked hard in a game, and it really paid off. This one motherfucker tricked me, grade 5, and said “Can you trade me your pikachu? I wanna show it to my friend”. unknowingly, I gave him my pikachu (why didnt i just go to his friend and show him my gameboy…). This guy never gave it back, and i cussed the fuck out of him. For grade 2, i never had been so angry in my life. He was willing to trade back because of the teachers, only to realize I got his pikachu, some shitty level 45 or so.

In highschool, I remember seeing him in the halls when I was grade 9. He had a broken leg or something, and was on crutches. At one point, I had wished to kick his leg in just so his leg would never be replaced…

… just like my fucking Pikachu. 

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